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YouTube is trying to launch a pilot program where the viewer has to pay to subscribe to a channel to get it’s content. Now apparently they have been doing this since, a quote from states: “YouTube is treating paid subscription as an experiment, much like video rentals when it began in 2010”,full link to the article: The video rentals the quote talks about is the online film rental service which YouTube launched in January, 2010, which has over 6,000 films and is available to the UK, U.S, and Canada.

Now, moving back to the point about P2P(pay to play) subscription… Is this a good move from YouTube? We don’t know yet, time will tell. However I cant imagine it being hugely popular for YouTube. This is because the way youtube is used normally, is that people just to go on it to view content that is FREE! and entertaining and something of their choice and as the content the public are viewing are made by the public as well, so YouTube in a sense is a “for the people by the people” type of content storing warehouse the user generated content is stored and viewed by the masses. YouTube also already pays the content creators money for generating good content, the views counter being used as currency. Now so here both the content creators and the viewers are getting benefit from this because the money aspect encourages the content creators to create good content, and good content means getting more satisfied viewers which in turn increasing the number of SUBSCRIBERS.

However this might not be the case if it was P2P subscription, because at the moment, in my opinion, there is no content on YouTube where it is so great and amazing that I am willing to pay to subscribe to the channel. This is because of the sheer fact that, I go on YouTube for enjoying free content which doesn’t need to have a high production value like on TV and doesn’t need be a half hour to an hour show. I believe if this P2P model is thrown out there and becomes in use of popular channels like Machinima for example it might be great for them because they are company which provides gaming video for the public to enjoy. They also take in content from different content providers such as RoosterTeeth for example and showcase that in their channel so it because kind of a hub for where all the separate content of YouTube of the similar genre, in most case anyways, are stored and can be viewed from that one place. However, it is also possible to seek out the individual contributers to the Machinima channels and watch their content as well.

Now if the P2P model is something that the content creators can choose to accepts or stay in the current model of operation then this might be OK, in the sense that the content creators have a choice in the matter. This is simply because if the P2P is like to affect their user base which comes down to how many views they get in their videos, which governs their income from their content, then content creators are likely to say no to the matter. This is because, like i explained earlier, People dont come to YouTube for content with high value production, and there channels there in YouTube which generates content with a relatively high production value but that are operating fine under the current model.

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