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I just heard that Youtube Twitter and Facebook are merging it's going to be called you-twit-face


Twitter has released a new music discovery and sharing app called “Twitter #Music”, which works on a recommendation engine which pulls the trending data for music and you’re followers and suggests music for you to listen from ginormous libraries of iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. Currently the app is only available on IOS app market and no andriod app yet, however you can use this service from you’re home computer by signing into twitter. Currently when you first sign in you only get a preview of the music that is trending currently, however to get the full track you can either buy the track on iTunes or sign in with you’re Spotify or Rdio account and gain access the music that way.

The app will also recommend more music as you follow various different artists, increasing the potential song library of your’s. Also another feature of this app is that it will show you the artists twitter profiles and other artists and bands they follow as well, so there is this potential growth in the social interaction between the artists and you. Also by showing other artists and bands that the artist you are listening to is following allows you to get to know new musicians and artists alike. Here’s a link to the verge’s cover on the app:


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One thought on “#Music

  1. Reblogged this on Kiwi Medley and commented:
    I don’t know that I’ll use this app much, but I love the design and interaction flows. If they built in music recognition (Soundtracking) and a way to view an artist’s full library (not just the trending song), I’d be sold.

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